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The Genomic Genetic and Biology Innovation Pole (Polo GGB) is a highly specialized center, a model for research and service provision in the fields of diagnostics, medical genetics, ecology, genomics and bioinformatics.


Polo GGB, since 2011, has been a highly specialized center dedicated to promoting scientific research in the fields of genetics and genomics, the study of disease vectors, bioinformatics, and biology. We actively collaborate with universities, research institutes, and companies to foster the development of innovative projects and the sharing of knowledge.


Polo GGB is a center specialized in providing advanced high-quality diagnostic services. It adheres to stringent safety standards and employs precise quality control protocols. We actively collaborate with physicians and specialists to provide tools for personalized diagnosis and identify the most suitable diagnostic path for the patient's needs.


Polo GGB offers a wide range of services, including sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, molecular biology, immunology, and monoclonal antibody production. We ensure continuous technical support and accuracy in all executed processes.


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