Polo GGB opens its doors to students

Gli studenti incontrano la scienza

The Research Center for Ecology and Genetics in Terni is organizing a series of meetings for the schools in the city.

‘Research goes beyond the laboratory to meet the youngest students who are preparing to choose their university path. We are excited to host over 600 high school students from Terni. Our goal is to introduce young students to the world of scientific research through meetings with our researchers who will illustrate our research projects and innovative technologies, and we are confident it will be a great experience for everyone.’ These are the words of Greta Immobile Molaro, CEO of Polo GGB.

The ‘Polo GGB Open Days Schools’ event will feature presentations, video screenings, and laboratory tours on Tuesday, April 16th, Wednesday, April 17th, Friday, April 19th, Tuesday, April 30th, and Tuesday, May 7th, at the Conference Hall of the Scientific and Educational Polo of the University of Perugia, located in Terni, at Via Mazzieri 3.

‘There is an incredible world in our laboratories that unfolds outside with the aim of contributing to improving the lives and health of many people. It is wonderful to be able to share our daily commitment with the kids.’ Dr. Jaroslaw Krzywinski, Chief Scientific Manager, smiles as he explains the meaning of the initiative.

The Research Center for Ecology and Genetics is involved in numerous innovative research projects aimed at developing genetic systems for the control of disease-carrying insects, particularly malaria, through Gene Drive technology.

Researchers at Polo GGB develop and study genetically modified mosquitoes with the aim of controlling malaria, collaborating with some of the world’s most prestigious research centers, including Imperial College London, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Oxford, CDC Atlanta, and TropiQ Health Sciences in the Netherlands.

Four schools will participate in guided tours and thematic seminars led by our researchers: Liceo Ginnasio Statale “Gaio Cornelio Tacito,” Liceo scientifico Galilei, Liceo scientifico Donatelli, and ITIS Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico “Allievi-Sangallo.”

Supporting the Polo GGB team in offering scientific seminars will be the biotechnology startup ‘Biocentis,’ a spin-out of Imperial College London, a global leader in genetic pest control.

The principles of molecular biology will be the focus of the first session led by our PhD researchers Giuseppe Condorelli and Rocco d’Amato, followed by a specific intervention on immunology by Dr. Luisa Nunziangeli. The cycle of in-depth discussions, before the guided tours of the laboratories, will conclude with Giulia Borselli and Gerard Terradas of Biocentis on ‘Drosophila.’

At the inaugural day on April 16th, among the 6 days of meetings, the event will be sponsored by the Councilor of Education of the Municipality of Terni, Dr. Viviana Altamura, and the Councilor for Economic Development, Dr. Sergio Cardinali.





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